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Getting started

Neutrino gives you a no-code backend builder to design your systems and automatically implement the code in seconds.

Start building

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Learn how to build your project using Neutrino.

About Neutrino

Neutrino is a visual backend builder that makes it simple and intuitive to develop backend infrastructures for your apps, with no coding required (unless you want to).

Your projects compile into a working, Node Express application following best practices.


User Management

Easily configure user authentication, roles and permissions.

Database Creation

Create resource schemas and automatically implement them using Mongoose.

REST API Builder

Easily create and manage all of your business logic with our API Builder.

Code Export

Export your code as a readable, functional Node Express application following best practices and an MVC architecture.

Marketplace (Coming Soon!)

Create and download code templates for full projects or individual features.

Think of starting a project using a customizable 2-sided marketplace template, or publishing a payment flow as a feature in the marketplace that other developers could easily implement.

Neutrino AI (Coming Soon!)

Get smart suggestions to help you implement your backend architecture and automatically implement the code.