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Get the best LLM performance
for your AI applications

Multi-model AI Infrastructure that outperforms any single model.
All the tools needed to build an LLM layer for scale.

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Optimal AI Performance. Without the Research Overhead.

Capture Data

Capture Data

Automatically log LLM query, response pairs.

Identify Top-Performing LLMs

Identify Top-Performing LLMs

Rank models based on performance and visualize quality to cost/latency trade-offs.

Evaluate Models

Evaluate Models

Auto-evaluate models with custom metrics and an LLM as a judge.

Intelligently Route Queries

Intelligently Route Queries

Dynamically route each query to the best-suited LLM for the task.

The Best Model Selection for Any AI Application

For quality-centric applications
Highest-quality outputs by leveraging multiple models to generate a single response
For cost & latency sensitive AI applications
Identify the optimal LLMs in terms of cost/latency and performance tradeoffs
For AI applications at scale
Robust load-balancing and fallback handling to avoid rate-limiting at scale

Tools for an Optimal LLM layer

LLM Observability
Automated Evaluations
Intelligent Routing
LLM Observability

Easily integrated in a few lines of code

1from openai import OpenAI
3client = OpenAI(
4    base_url="",
5    api_key="<Neutrino-API-key>"
9    model="code" # options: code-preview or chat-preview,
10    messages = [{"role": "user", "content": "What is a Neutrino?"}],


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