Core concepts

Neutrino Guide

This section showcases all of Neutrino's features and a small demonstration on how to use them for your project.



Choose from our selection of pre-built templates to help you quickly get started on anything from a social media site, to an email list, to a 2-sided marketplace.


Neutrino lets you define your database architecture with a simple, intuitive interface.

Define database schema and relationships between models.

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API Routes

Define your app's REST API architecture.

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Quickly implement custom endpoints and middlewares

Use our drag-and-drop code blocks or code out functions yourself using the Route Builder.

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Authentication and Authorization

Easily implement user authentication and authorization

Choose from out selection of customizable, pre-built authentication templates to quickly add auth functionality to your project.

Export your code

When you're done, or have simply outgrown Neutrino's functionality, export your project to a readable, working Node Express code base following best practices, standard conventions, and an MVC architecture.

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Getting started